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Research compilation as it stands on my paternal genealogy
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 Yancey Gen 6 - 10

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PostSubject: Yancey Gen 6 - 10   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:10 pm

Richard Yancey (b. August 24, 1708 Hanover County, Virginia - d. September 11, 1780 Mecklenburg County, Virginia) (parents)
Mary Bolling (b. abt 1711 - d. April 13, 1795 Mecklenburg, Virginia) (parents)
children: Robert, Keziah, Lewis, William L., Absalom, Richard, Charles, Hezekiah, Joseph, Zachariah

Robert Yancey (b. abt 1740 Louisa County, Virginia - d. 1818 Mecklenburg County, Virginia)
Philadelphia Jones (b. 1743 Mecklenburg County, Virginia - d. August 31, 1809 Mecklenburg County, Virginia) (parents)
children: Hezekiah, John G., Richard, Robert, Mary, Philadelphia, Anna, Elizabeth, Susannah, Lucy, Mildred
  • Francis Griffin (b. abt 1740 d. 1765 fell off horse)
    children: James, Francis, Sarah

Hezekiah Yancey (b. February 12, 1782 Mecklenburg County, Virginia - d. 1860 Mecklenburg County, Virginia)
Sally Worsham (b. June 11, 1782 Amelia County, Virginia - d. before 1871 Mecklenburg County, Virginia)
children: William Howard I, James M., Clayton, Marshall Pendleton, Parthena, Permelia, Sally, Rebecca, Amanda

William Howard I Yancey (b. abt 1809 Mecklenburg, Virginia - d. 1882 Fayette, Tennessee)
Elizabeth Ann Perkins (b. 1816 Mecklenburg, Virginia - d. 1863 Fayette, Tennessee) (parents)
children: Howard Jefferson, Eliza Matilda, Joseph Addison, Algy M., William Willy Howard II, Edward E., Elizabeth, James W., Leander Franklin, Martha, Emma

Howard Jefferson Yancey (b. September 8, 1837 Lunenburg County, Virginia - d. May 10, 1910 Rector, Clay County, Arkansas)
Mary Ann Catharine Keywood (b. September 12, 1837 Sullivan, Tennessee - d. January 21, 1909 Clay County, Arkansas) (parents)
children: William Stephen, Joseph Addison, Elizabeth Rebecca, Mary Francis "Fannie" Abigail Virginia, Ann Eliza, Ellen Agatha, Susan P., Paralie Martha Jane, Sallie Minnie
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Yancey Gen 6 - 10
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