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 Keywood Gen 6-10

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PostSubject: Keywood Gen 6-10   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:53 pm

Stephen B. III Cawood (b. 1670 Charles County, Maryland - d. September 1735 Charles County, Maryland) (parents)
Mary Cox (b. abt 1670 Charles County, Maryland - d. February 1748 Charles County, Maryland) (parents)
children: John I, William, Stephen IV, Thomas, Ann, Mary, Hester, Penelope

John I Cawood (b. 1693 Charles County, Maryland - d. 1769)
Elizabeth Smallwood (b. 1695 - d. 1734) (parents)
children: Stephen, Benjamin, John II, Moses, Esther

John II Cawood (b. abt 1730 Charles, Maryland - d. 1803 Sullivan, Tennessee)
Agatha Dulaney (b. abt 1760 Tennessee - d. abt 1825 Sullivan, Tennessee)
children: Stephen Berry, Benjamin S., James B., Joshua B., Jeremiah Berry
Elizabeth Stoughton (b. abt 1724)
children: Thomas, William, John, Nancy, Ann, Sarah, a daughter

Stephen Berry Cawood (Keywood) (b. 1793 Sullivan, Tennessee - d. 1850 Greene, Arkansas)
Rebecca Beeler (b. February 7, 1799 Sullivan, Tennessee - d. 1870 Greene, Arkansas) (parents)
children: Mary Ann Catharine, Elizabeth Agatha, Benjamin, Stephen Berry II, Jacob
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Keywood Gen 6-10
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