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 Gen 21 - 25 de Villers/de Villiers

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PostSubject: Gen 21 - 25 de Villers/de Villiers   Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:23 pm

Pain II de Villiers
children: William

William de Villiers
Petronilla (unknown)
children: Alexander

Alexander de Villiers (b. abt 1228 Newbold, Nottinghamshire, England)
Cecily de Seis (b. abt 1234 Dunninton, Yorkshire, England)
children: Payn, William, Richard

William de Villers (b. abt 1255 Kinoulton, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England)
Anyce (unknown)
children: Matthew

Matthew de Villers (b. abt 1283 Kinoulton, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England - d. aft 1352)
Clementia de Middlylton (b. abt 1285 England)
children: Paganus (Payne), John

  • Henry Woodborough
    children: Clemence
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Gen 21 - 25 de Villers/de Villiers
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