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Research compilation as it stands on my paternal genealogy
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PostSubject: People List   Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:46 pm

(my grandfather) Yancey (b. June 10, 1936 Greene, Arkansas) (parents)
(my grandmother) Booth (b. October 27, 1940 Greene, Arkansas) (parents)
children: (oldest daughter), Barbara Denise, (a daughter), (a daughter), (a daughter), (a son)


(oldest daughter) Yancey (b. May 2, 1960)

Barbara Denise Yancey Bodine (b. August 9 1962 St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, IL - d. January 24, 2007 Creve Couer, IL of pancreatic cancer)
William Joseph Bodine (b. February 12, 1958 - d. May 17, 1997 Peoria, IL)
children: (son)

(3rd daughter) Yancey Quinn (b. January 7, 196x)
(husband) Quinn (b. 19xx)
children: (daughter) , (son)

(4th daughter) Yancey Thompson (b. September 7, 196x)
(unknown) Thompson (b. 19xx)

(youngest daughter) Yancey Look (b. December 30, 196x)
children: (daughter)
(husband) Look (b. January 25, 1970)
children: (son)

(my father) Yancey (b. May 20, 1971)
(my mother) Stone Yancey (b. October 27, 1974)
children: Taylor , (a son)


(son) Bodine (b. 19xx)
Ritz (b. 19xx)
children: (son)

(daughter) Quinn (b. March 23, 1985)
Joshua (unknown) (b. 19xx)
children: (daughter)

(son) Quinn (b. 19xx)

(daughter) Look (b. July 28, 19xx)

(son) Look (b. November 18, 1997)

Taylor Yancey (b. May , 1995 IL, US)

(son) Yancey (b. January 27, 1998)


(son) (unknown) (b. June 2013)

(daughter) Quinn (b. August 31, 2005)
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People List
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