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 People List

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PostSubject: People List   Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:46 pm

(my grandfather) Yancey (b. June 10, 1936 Greene, Arkansas) (parents)
(my grandmother) Booth (b. October 27, 1940 Greene, Arkansas) (parents)
children: (oldest daughter), Barbara Denise, (a daughter), (a daughter), (a daughter), (a son)


(oldest daughter) Yancey (b. May 2, 1960)

Barbara Denise Yancey Bodine (b. August 9 1962 St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, IL - d. January 24, 2007 Creve Couer, IL of pancreatic cancer)
William Joseph Bodine (b. February 12, 1958 - d. May 17, 1997 Peoria, IL)
children: (son)

(3rd daughter) Yancey Quinn (b. January 7, 196x)
(husband) Quinn (b. 19xx)
children: (daughter) , (son)

(4th daughter) Yancey Thompson (b. September 7, 196x)
(unknown) Thompson (b. 19xx)
children: (daughter)

(youngest daughter) Yancey Look (b. December 30, 196x)
(husband) Look (b. January 25, 19xx)
children: (daughter) , (son)

(my father) Yancey (b. May 20, 1971)
(my mother) Stone Yancey (b. October 27, 1974)
children: Taylor Nicole, (a son)


(son) Bodine (b. 19xx)
Jessica (unknown) (b. 19xx)
children: (son)

(daughter) Quinn (b. March 23, 1985)
Joshua (unknown) (b. 19xx)
children: (daughter)

(son) Quinn (b. 19xx)

(daughter) Thompson (b. August 12, 1992)
children: (son)

(daughter) Look (b. July 28, 19xx)

(son) Look (b. November 18, 1997)

Taylor Nicole Yancey (b. May 21, 1995 Pekin Hospital, Pekin, IL, US)

(son) Yancey (b. January 27, 1998)


(son) (unknown) (b. June 2013)

(daughter) Quinn (b. August 31, 2005)

(son) Thompson (b. 201x)
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People List
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