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 Gen 23 - 25 d'Avesnes (ext. links)

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PostSubject: Gen 23 - 25 d'Avesnes (ext. links)   Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:28 pm

Jean I d'Avesnes (b. April 1218 Etroent, Luxembourg, Netherlands - d. December 24 1257 Valenciennes, Nord, France)

Aleida Burgundy (b. abt 1226 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord Brabant, Netherlands - d. April 9, 1283 Valenciennes, Nord, France)

children: Jean II, Baudouin, Bouchard, Guy, Guillaume, Floris, Elizabeth, Jeanne, Marguerite

Jean II d'Avesnes (b. abt 1247 Brabant, Antwerp, Belgium, Netherlands - d. August 22, 1304 Valenciennes, Nord, France)
Ymzoete (unknown) (b. abt 1251 Brabant, Antwerp, Belgium, Netherlands)
Philippina von Luxembourg-Maas (b. abt 1252 Luxembourg, Netherlands - d. April 6, 1311 Valenciennes, Nord, France)
children: Henri, Yolande, Alix, Marguerite, Isabelle, Jean III, Jeanne, Willem III, Marie, Valeran, Simon, Aleid, Ida

Willem III d'Avesnes (b. abt 1280 Avesnes, Pas-de-Calais, France - d. June 7, 1337 Valenciennes, Nord, France)
Jeanne de Valois (b. abt 1294 Longpont, Aisne, France - d. March 7, 1342 Fontenelle, Yonne, France) (parents)
children: Johanna, Sibylla, Margaretha, Philippa, Jan, Willem IV, Agnes, Louis, Elisabeth
Emmaline Longespee (b. abt 1284 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England)
Doedijn de Hainaut (b. abt 1283 Hainaut, Belgium, Netherlands)
Trude van de Poele (b. abt 1283 Hainaut, Belgium, Netherlands)
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Gen 23 - 25 d'Avesnes (ext. links)
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