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 Gen 23 - 25 de Neville

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PostSubject: Gen 23 - 25 de Neville   Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:35 pm

Robert II Neville (b. abt 1244 Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham, England - d. 1271 Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham, England)

Mary Fitz-Randolph (b. abt 1244 Middleham, North Riding, Yorkshire, England - d. April 11, 1320 Coverham, North Riding, Yorkshire, England)

children: Anastacia, Randolph, Robert III, Henry, Margaret, Johanna, Reginald, Ralph, Mericia

Sir Randolph de Neville (b. October 18, 1262 Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham England - d. April 18, 1331)
Eupheme de Clavering (b. abt 1257 Warkworth, Marston St. Lawrence, Northumberland, England - d. 1329 Warkworth, Marston St. Lawrence, Northumberland, England)
children: Joan, Anastase, Robert, Ida, Ralph I, Eupheme, Alice, Alexander, John, Robert II, Mary, William, Margaret, Thomas
Margery de Thwenge (b. abt 1265 Raby-Keverstone, Staindrop, Durham, England)

Sir Ralph I de Neville (b. 1291 Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham, England - d. August 5, 1357 Durham, England) Baron
Alice de Audley (b. abt 1300 Hadley, Lambourne, Berkshire, England - d. January 12, 1374 Greystoke Manor, Northumberland, England)
children: Euphemia, John, Catherine, Alice, Maud, Margaret, Ralph II, Robert, William, Eleanor, Alexander, Elizabeth, Isabel
  • Sir Ralph Fitz-Robert de Greystoke (b. August 15, 1299 Greystoke, Cumberland, England - d. July 14, 1323 Gateshead, Durham, England)
    children: Margaret, William, Ralph
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Gen 23 - 25 de Neville
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