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 Baugh Gen 12 - 15

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PostSubject: Baugh Gen 12 - 15   Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:27 pm

Rowland Baugh (b. abt 1557 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England - d. 1612 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England) (parents)
Mary/Marie Crooker (b. abt 1557 Hook Norton, Cherwell, Oxfordshire, England - d. aft 1621 Gloucestershire, England) (parents)
children: Edward, Margaret, Mary, Alice, William I, John

William I Baugh (b. abt 1584 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England - d. 1628 England)
Mary Wakeman (b. abt 1592 Gloucester, England - d. aft 1621) (parents)
children: William II, Edward, John, Anne

William II Baugh (b. between 1610-3 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England - d. April 1687 Henrico Co., Virginia, US) Justice in Charles City Co. and Henrico Co.
Jane Branch (b. abt 1617 - d. abt 1635 Virginia, US)
children: Katherine
Elizabeth Womack (b. abt 1618 England - d. February 1650 Henrico Co., Virginia, US) (parents)
children: William III, Mary, John, Thomas, Katherine? James
  • Thomas Packer/Parker (d. bef 1645)
    children: Dorothy, William
  • William Sharpe (b. October 24, 1584 Houghton, Conquest, Bedford, England - d. by February 12, 1635 Charles City Co., Virginia, US) Sergeant

    children: Isaac, Priscilla, Dorothy, Mary, Samuel, John, Thomas, Katherine?, James

William III Baugh (b. 1638 Henrico Co., Virginia, US - d. 1678 Henrico Co., Virginia, US)
Jane Hatcher (b. 1640 Henrico Co., Virginia, US - d. December 1709/January 1710 Henrico Co., Virginia, US) (parents)
children: Priscilla, William, Rebecca, James, Mary
  • William I Branch (b. 1625 Henrico Co., Virginia, US - d. 1676 Kingsland, Virginia, US) (parents)
    children: Martha, Mary, Sarah, William, John
  • Abell Gower (b. 1640 Henrico Co., Virginia, US - d. 1689 Henrico Co., Virginia, US)
    children: Tabitha, William, Abel
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Baugh Gen 12 - 15
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