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 Hughes Gen 16 - 20 (ext link)

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PostSubject: Hughes Gen 16 - 20 (ext link)   Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:53 am

John Ap Madog Goch Ap Ieuan Ap Iorwerth Ddu (b. Trerdafarn, Llanalgo, Anglesey, Wales)

Gwerfyl Verch Dafydd Ap Howyl Ap Ithel
children: Dafydd

Dafydd Ap John Ap Madog Goch Ap Ieuan (b. Trerdafarn, Llanalgo, Anglesey, Wales)
Elin Verch Robert Ap Howel Ap Grono
children: Hugh

Hugh Dafydd (ap Dafydd ap John ap Madog Goch) (b. Trerdafam, Llanallgo, Anglesey, Wales - d. aft 1594)
Ann Griffith (b. Chwaen Hen, Llantrisant, Anglesey, Wales)
children: Edward
  • John ap Llewellyn (d. aft 1603) Rector Llanelian

Edward Hughes (b. aft 1499 Trerdafam, Llanallgo, Anglesey, Wales)
Margaret verch David ap Llewellyn ap Dafydd (b. bef 1565 Plas, Llandyfrydog, Wales)
children: Hugh

Hugh Hughes (b. bef 1565 Tre'rdafam, Llanallgo, Anglesey, Wales)
Margaret Whalley (b. bef 1565 Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey, Wales)
children: John, Hugh, William, Margaret, Mary
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Hughes Gen 16 - 20 (ext link)
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