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 Gen 26 - 30 ap Ednyfed (links)

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PostSubject: Gen 26 - 30 ap Ednyfed (links)   Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:10 pm

Idnerth ap Edryd (b. 1050 Is, Denbighshire, Wales) Lord of Brynffenig

children: Bradwen, Gwgan

Gwgan ap Idnerth (b. 1070 Is, Denbighshire, Wales) Lord of Brynffenig
children: Rhays, Kendrig, Iorwerth

Iorwerth ap Gwgon (b. 1100 Betws-yn-Rhos, Is Dulas, Denbighshire, Wales) Lord of Brynffenig
Gwenllian verch Rhirid (b. 1102 Tref Rhirid, Arllechwedd Isaf, Caernarvonshire, Wales)

children: Cynwrig, Kendrig

Cynwrig ap Iorwerth (b. 1122 Betws-yn-Rhos, Is Dulas, Denbighshire, Wales)
Angharad verch Hwfa (b. 1134 Denbighshire, Wales)

children: Ednyfed, Gronwy (Foel), Heilin (Sais), Gwenllian

Ednyfed "Fychan" ap Cynwrig (b. 1139 Tregarnedd, Llangivini, Anglesey, Wales - d. 1246)
Tangwystl verch Llywarch (b. 1143 Menai, Anglesey, Wales) Heiress of Cummwd

children: Llywelyn, Hywel, Cynwrig, Lloyd Ednyfed, Gwenllian, Iorwerth (Gwahanglwyfus), Rhys, Tudur, Angharad
  • Llywarch (Goch) ap Iorwerth (b. 1139 Rhos, Denbighshire, Wales) Lord of Rhos
    children: Llywarch (Fychan), Cynon, Einion (Flaenllym), Tangwystl

Gwenllian verch Rhys (b. 1158 Carmarthenshire, Wales)
children: Gruffudd, Gwladus, Gwenllian, Gronwy
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Gen 26 - 30 ap Ednyfed (links)
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