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 Gen 26 - 30 verch Richard (links)

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PostSubject: Gen 26 - 30 verch Richard (links)   Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:45 pm

Iago ap Idwal (b. 974 Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales - d. 1039) Prince of North Wales

Afandreg verch Gwair (b. 974 Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey Wales)

children: Crisli, Cynan, Tangwystl

Cynan ap Iago (b. 1014 Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales) Prince of North Wales
Rhanullt O'Olaf (b. 1031 Dublin, Ireland) Princess of Dublin

children: Gruffydd

Gruffydd ap Cynan (b. 1055 Caernarvonshire, Wales - d. 1137 Caernarvonshire, Wales) Prince of North Wales
Angharad verch Owain (b. 1065 Tegaingl, Flintshire, Wales - d. 1162)

children: Rhanullt, Gwenllian I, Owain (Gwynedd), Elen, Gwenllian II, Merinedd, Cadwaladr, Susanna, Membyr (Ddu), Rhael, Annes, Margred, Tudwal
(unknown) verch Llychwy
Perwyr verch Bran (b. 1080 Anglesey, Wales)

Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd (b. 1096 Caernarvonshire, Wales - d. March 1172)
Gwerful verch Gwrgeneu
Dyddgu verch Maredudd (b. 1100 Montgomeryshire, Wales)
Alice Adeliza de Clare (b. 1105 Tunbridge, Kent, England - d. 1148 England)

children: Gruffudd, Cunedda, Randwlff, Richard
  • William (unknown) (b. 1088 Alnwick, Northumberland, England - d. 1174/5) Lord of Percy
    children: Walter, Alan, Richard, William, Agnes, Maud, Alan, Alice, Emma

Richard ap Cadwaladr (b. 1150 Caernarvonshire, Wales)
Annes verch Gwyn (b. 1154 Eifionydd, Caernarvonshire, Wales)
children: Gwenllian, Adles, a daughter
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Gen 26 - 30 verch Richard (links)
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