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 Gen 26 - 30 de Holland (ext links)

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PostSubject: Gen 26 - 30 de Holland (ext links)   Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:50 pm

Matthew de Holand (b. abt 1167 Upholland, Lancashire, England - d. 1202)

Margaret de Harcourt (b. abt 1165 Newton Harcourt, Wigston, Leicestershire, England

children: Robert

Robert de Holand (b. 1197 Upholland, Lancashire, England - d. aft 1242)
Cecily de Columbers (b. 1201 Hale, Lancashire, England)

children: Thurstan

Thurstan de Holand (b. abt 1222 Holland, Lancashire, England - d. 1275 Upholland, Lancashire, England)
Margaret (Ann) de Kellet (b. abt 1230 Over Kellet, Bolton le Sands, Lancashire, England - d. aft 1254)

children: Roger, Adam, Richard, Robert II, William, Elinore, Margaret
Juliana Gellibrond

Sir Robert II de Holand (b. abt 1253 Upholland, Wigan, Lancashire, England - d. abt 1304 Lancashire, England) Knight
Elizabeth de Samlesbury (b. abt 1253 Salmesbury, Preston, Lancashire, England - d. aft 1311 Upholland, Lancashire, England) Co-Heiress

children: Avena, Joan, Margery, Adam, Robert III, William, Elizabeth, Alan, Margaret, Robert

Robert de Holand (b. 1290 Upholland, Wigan, Lancashire, England - d. October 7, 1328 Boreham Wood, Elstree, Herefordshire, England beheaded) Knight, Lord of Holland, Justice of Chester 1307-20, Sheriff of Flintshire 1307 and 1312, Governor (Constable) of Beeston Castle, MP (member of parliament) 1314-21
Maud la Zouche (b. 1290 Ashby-de-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, England - d. May 31, 1349)

children: Otes, Alan, Maud, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Margaret, Joan, Robert, Thomas, Mary, Isabel
Maud Lovel (b. bef 1280 Marston Saint Lawrence, Northumberland, England - d. bef 1346 Harringworth, Northampton, England)
children: Maud, Robert, Otho, John, Alan, Elizabeth, Margaret (Mary), Margaret, Jane, Alianore, Isabella
(note: 4 sons and 5 daughters of each marriage. Daughters seem to be the ones with questionable parentage)
  • William de Senlis (b. 1274 Warkworth, Northumberland, England - d. 1313 Aston Bruley, Worcestershire, England)
    children: Rowland
  • William la Zouche (b. December 21, 1276 Harringworth, Northampton, England - d. March 11, 1352 Harygnworth, England) Knight, Baron of Harringworth (link)
    children: Eudo (Eon), William, Elizabeth, John, Roger, Thomas, Edmund, Millicent, Eudes, Isabel, Thomasine
  • John l'Orty (b. 1275 Axford, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England - d. 1295 Axford, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England)
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Gen 26 - 30 de Holland (ext links)
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