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 Croker Gen 16 - 20 (ext links)

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PostSubject: Croker Gen 16 - 20 (ext links)   Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:04 pm

Sir John III Croker (b. 1400 Hemerdon/Lymeham, Devonshire, England - d. March 14, 1508 Lyneham, Devonshire, England) Knight, Baron?

(Margaret?) Dawney (b. abt 1400 Devonshire, England - d. Devonshire, England)

children: John IV

Sir John IV Croker (b. 1440 Somerset, England - d. 1507/8 Lyneham, Devonshire/Lydiard, Somerset, England) Knight
Elizabeth Yeo (b. 1440/60 Petrockstow, Devonshire, England - d. 1479 Lyneham, Devonshire, England)

children (poss): John V, Elizabeth, William, Mary Anne
Elizabeth Fortescue? (d. Lyneham, Devonshire, England?)

children (poss): John V, Elizabeth, William, Mary Anne

John V Croker (b. 1458 Lyneham, Devonshire, England - d. 1547 Lyneham, Devonshire, England)
Joan Arundell?
Elizabeth Pollard (b. 1503 Devonshire/Somerset, England - d. May 21, 1531 Lyneham, Devonshire, England)

children: Anne, Elizabeth, John VI, George
[list][*]Sir Hugh Trevanion Sheriff of Launceston 1527-37+1542, Knight, Escheator and Feodary of Duchy of Cornwall, Constable of Launceston Castle

John VI Croker (b. abt 1498 Lyneham, Devonshire, England - d. June 30, 1560 Lyneham, Devonshire, England)
Elizabeth Strowde (b. 1506 Newnham Manor, Plympton St. Mary, Devonshire, England - d. 1560 Lyneham, Devonshire, England)

children: Joan, John VII, Nicholas, Philip, Samuel, Mary. poss Thomas, Richard, Robert, Edward, Agnes, Alice, Elizabeth, Ann

John VII Croker (b. 1532/4 Lyneham, Devonshire, England - d. November 18, 1614 Devonshire, England)
Agnes Servington (b. abt 1536 Tavestock, Devonshire, England - d. Devonshire, England)

children: John, Agnes, Thomas, Mary/Marie, Friswick/Frideswide, George, Hugh, Barbara, Anthony
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Croker Gen 16 - 20 (ext links)
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